hash mark

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hash mark

1. A service stripe on the sleeve of an enlisted person's uniform.
2. Football A mark in either of two series placed on the field perpendicular to the yard lines and used for spotting the ball.
3. The symbol (#), especially when used as the start of a hashtag.

[Alteration of hatch.]

hash′ mark`

1. Informal. a service stripe.
2. (on a football field) the marking formed by either inbounds line intersecting with one of the lines delineating yardage between the goal lines.
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Noun1.hash mark - an insignia worn to indicate years of servicehash mark - an insignia worn to indicate years of service
insignia - a badge worn to show official position
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Woods' computer code creates specific breakdowns that coaches don't really have time for, and that is where high-probability trends are found, such as second down, between the 40-yard lines on the left hash mark.
A hash mark (#) meant "add space here" long before it meant "I tagged this on Twitter.
The recalled handlebar stems have a hash mark on the inside of the stem bar clamp area.
formation of hand form J: from initial hand form J or formation of V: from initial hand form V), an hash mark (#) represents bending of straight fingers into contact with the thumb (e.
part of his life making the sign of the cross against a hash mark.
On first down, after a nice run by quarterback Jeremiah Masoli, the offense lined up on the left hash mark with a slot set to the right side of the field.
Let us revel in this bold hash mark on the fuselage of the mode of underwriting already embraced by 75% of U.
Player 2 starts the drill by V-cutting down the court to the hash mark, where he turns his butt to the sideline, plants a foot, and V-cuts back toward #1.
For every violent word on the list spoken by any staff member, one token is subtracted, and a hash mark added beside the offending word on the master list.
A hash mark or value is a unique digital mark placed on an electronic file.
Makers of pro lenses once recognized this fact by engraving a red dot or hash mark on lens barrels so exacting photographers could focus normally, and then manually rotate the barrel back to the IR focus mark.
He's perfectly suited for that role,'' Andreoli said, "where he comes off the hash mark, when the ball commits he gets to the linebacker level, he stays inside out, and he's a physical tackler.