hash mark

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hash mark

1. A service stripe on the sleeve of an enlisted person's uniform.
2. Football A mark in either of two series placed on the field perpendicular to the yard lines and used for spotting the ball.
3. The symbol (#), especially when used as the start of a hashtag.

[Alteration of hatch.]

hash′ mark`

1. Informal. a service stripe.
2. (on a football field) the marking formed by either inbounds line intersecting with one of the lines delineating yardage between the goal lines.
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Noun1.hash mark - an insignia worn to indicate years of servicehash mark - an insignia worn to indicate years of service
insignia - a badge worn to show official position
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It's important to shoot at varying distances to know exactly which hash mark to use for any given range.
Basically, you sight-in the scope at 200 yards, then change your magnification--which changes the amount of target the gaps between the hash marks span--until the 500-yard hash mark puts bullets on target at that distance.
On several occasions, he made athletic throws across his body to the opposite hash mark after escaping the pocket to keep drives alive.
I used a piece of poster board with a vertical line drawn down the center with a short horizontal hash mark every 3.
A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#), which enables social media users to find and follow topics and categorize their content with similarly hashtagged posts and images.
Woods' computer code creates specific breakdowns that coaches don't really have time for, and that is where high-probability trends are found, such as second down, between the 40-yard lines on the left hash mark.
A hash mark (#) meant "add space here" long before it meant "I tagged this on Twitter.
formation of hand form J: from initial hand form J or formation of V: from initial hand form V), an hash mark (#) represents bending of straight fingers into contact with the thumb (e.
part of his life making the sign of the cross against a hash mark.
The radial numbers for each one is covered in a brown hash mark, as are the frequencies for DQO.
Let us revel in this bold hash mark on the fuselage of the mode of underwriting already embraced by 75% of U.
hash mark on the bottle is great for the low end of the angle if yours has them.