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Noun1.hashmark - an insignia worn to indicate years of servicehashmark - an insignia worn to indicate years of service
insignia - a badge worn to show official position
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The first partial hashmark in the ZBR-2 reticle was at 246 yards, and the first full mark at 341.
"Hashmark" Johnson, 37 years old and already an army and navy veteran when he arrived at Montford Point, and 22-year-old Edgar R.
Manchester's Matty Davies scored, but was then ejected for abuse of the official after Venus's second, which he tipped in from near the hashmark.
To add just the right colors and feel to her feminine design, Heidi used fabrics from Hashmark, It's a Girl Thing, a fabric collection from Michael Miller.
The ball was sitting on the right hashmark at the 8-yard line.
Both wings are told to sprint quickly and immediately to (only) their assigned outside lane's backcourt's hashmark and to use that floor marking to maintain the proper width as they reach their secondary fastbreak spotup positions downcourt.
"Hashmark" Johnson, who was one of the first black drill instructors and who later advanced to the rank of sergeant major as one of the first 600 black regulars in the Corps.
In the owner's manual, Weaver provides GIRT tables for many different types of ammunition, out of both 14.5-inch and 16-inch barrels, listing at what distance each vertical hashmark will be zeroed.
"It just stayed down that hashmark. It just hit the upright," Brown said.
On Oregon State's first play of the second overtime, Aliotti saw the Beavers request that the ball be placed on the left hashmark, saw freshman flanker James Rodgers in the boundary and called what he thought was the perfect defensive alignment to stop the Beavers' fly sweep.
The rule for the Z receiver is never to line up more than five yards outside the hashmark. This will give him plenty of room to run the fade route.
What I really liked about the reticle is how its design draws your eye to the right place instead of having to search for the correct hashmark, and it allowed me to switch quickly back and forth between steel targets at 200, 300 and 400.