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n. Computers
A searchable keyword or sequence of characters prefixed with the pound sign (#), included in a tweet or other electronic communication and indicating the subject matter.

[hash + tag.]


(Communications & Information) (on the Twitter website) a word or phrase preceded by a hash mark, used to denote the topic of a post
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Searches for different hashtags will now display an explanation of the hashtag in addition to tweets associated with the hashtag.
It's a shame: the #freepalestine hashtag is one we should all embrace.
Although hashtag as a meta-data tag was popularized on Twitter, the character has infiltrated almost every other social media platform by users looking for laughs, conversations, and news.
Using the hashtag #Attendance Hero, the School District of Philadelphia is encouraging parents to share their morning routines through social media, reported WHYY radio.
The hashtag #MeToo was used more than 200,000 times on Twitter when it first came to prominence, but soon the number of tweets jumped to 500,000, BBC reported.
When users search for a particular hashtag, they will now see a 'follow'
Al-Quds is the eternal capital of Palestine," is the name of the hashtag that was the most trending on Wednesday in Egypt and the second most trending worldwide; a hashtag with the name "Jerusalem" trended third.
De eso y mas trata Hashtag (Nube de tinta, 2017) de Jose Ignacio Valenzuela (Chile, 1972).
If ever there was an occasion to consider just how far the world of social content organisation has come, then the humble hashtag turning 10 is surely it.
Using the hashtag #aKHOandmyBELOved, celebrities and guests shared their favorite moments from the grand day in the City of Lights.
I think that the hashtag has found some very important uses: It has helped us find similar topics on the internet, especially on platforms such as Twitter or Instagram, I think that it has helped some people gain a following because it can be used to direct traffic on to pages or websites, it has been used as a marketing/advertising tool, it can accompany photos so that more people will be able to see them or like them, it has even been used as a powerful tool to unite those who are fighting for the same cause.