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Contraction of has not.


contraction of
(Phonetics & Phonology) has not


(ˈhæz ənt)
contraction of has not.
References in classic literature ?
He hasn't any faults much, and is charming and sweet, like Buffalo Bill, and Thunder-Bird, and Mammy Dorcas, and Soldier Boy, and Shekels, and Potter, and Sour-Mash, and - well, they're ALL that, just angels, as you may say.
He has been like a man frozen up; he hasn't said a word; he hasn't even moved.
Of course I shall only stay till Orlando appears--which," she added mournfully--"he hasn't done yet.
Wilks for not arriving in time, all the same, if he's missed anything by it -- which I hope he hasn't.
He hasn't arrived yet," said Tom, after glancing over the names on the hotel register and not seeing Professor Bumper's among them.
It's a wonder Robert hasn't beaten him to death long ago.
he says, 'Come here, everybody; hang'd if this fool hasn't been trying to fill up a house with acorns
I can't bear to think that everyone hasn't at least a chance of happiness.
He asked his wife: 'Nikolaevna, hasn't he come yet?
It's a wonder Beautiful Alice hasn't a beau herself.
The same shirt, and he hasn't had it off once in all this time.
Tell me, isn't it humiliating to think that a man has disdained your love, that he hasn't cared for it?