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 (hăs′əl) Informal
1. An argument or a fight.
2. Trouble; bother.
v. has·sled, has·sling, has·sles
To argue or fight: customers hassling with merchants over high prices.
To bother or harass: street gangs hassling passersby.

[From American dialectal (Southeast) hassle, to pant (as from exertion), perhaps of imitative origin or akin to British dialectal hassle, to hack at, saw away at with a blunt blade.]
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Specifically, parents who accessed integrated services felt less hassled by daily parenting responsibilities, such as finding good after-school childcare, keeping track of the child's schedule, and picking up the child at the end of the day (Arimura, 2008).
Anong klaseng service yan (We were hassled and yet it's our accounts that were suspended?
ROGER FEDERER slammed security at the French Open after the Swiss superstar was hassled on centre court by a teenage fan seeking a selfie.
"On days when people were really stressed, when they were really hassled, those sacrifices weren't really beneficial anymore, because it was just one more thing on the plate at that point," Totenhagen said.
He tweeted: "Getting hassled by a drunk on the train.
It is distressing going to the hospital to visit the sick, but it can be very frightening if you are elderly and on your own being hassled by a beggar.