hasten away

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w>hasten away

viforteilen or -hasten, eilig weggehen
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Now, goodbye, for I must hasten away to see about another matter--about the changing of the ribands on my bonnet.
He saw a man jump up, say good-night, leave the company and hasten away with the quiet secret look of one who is stealing to certain happiness.
Tarry not, then, for a folly like this, but hasten away, if not for your own sake, for hers who will else be desolate.
We only returned to the house in time to hasten away from it to the train.
Yes, yes, I know how good a son you are, so now hasten away to see your father.
They had barely time to hasten away farther into the forest before the first of the raiders had crossed the clearing and entered it in pursuit of them.