hasten off


w>hasten off

viweg- or forteilen
References in classic literature ?
In addition, he acted as teacher at another establishment, and received payment for his services there; and, whenever he had received his fees for this extra work, he would hasten off and purchase more books.
I was fairly certain the other gentleman was in rather a hurry to complete the haircut process, and hasten off to his place of employment.
IF YOU are a journalist contracted to write a racing column for Saturday's paper and it is Wednesday and you have not yet done anything about that, and you consult a newspaper and discover there is afternoon racing at Sandown Park - which is less than an hour's drive away from your house - the natural reaction is to hasten off to Esher and wave your press pass in the direction of the appropriate officials, thereby gaining admission even as you deliberate on the fact that, while finding yourself in an appropriate environment, you still need a subject about which to ruminate in print, noticing as you do so that this could be the longest opening sentence you or any other hack has written since granny died.