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1. Rapidity of action or motion: the haste with which she climbed the stairs.
2. Rash or headlong action; precipitateness: forgot the tickets in their haste to catch the train.
intr. & tr.v. hast·ed, hast·ing, hastes Archaic
To hasten or cause to hasten.
make haste
To move or act swiftly; hurry.

[Middle English, from Old French, of Germanic origin.]
Synonyms: haste, celerity, dispatch, expedition, hurry, speed
These nouns denote rapidity or promptness of movement or activity: left the room in haste; a train moving with great celerity; advanced with all possible dispatch; finished the project with remarkable expedition so as to meet the deadline; was in a hurry to get home; driving with excessive speed.
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, hasty - An early-ripening fruit or vegetable is a hasting and such a food that ripens early is termed "hasty."
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Interviewed after the visit, Roknabadi said the aim of his visit is to follow up the recent facets of cooperation between Iran and Lebanon, in terms of hasting to haste to look into daily life matters of Lebanese citizens.
For one thing, the designer, Julia Hasting, has abandoned her irritatingly tiny vertical captions to the photographs and sobered up the format so that the great photographic displays, four pages per architect, are more easily legible.