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Noun1.hat shop - shop selling women's hatshat shop - shop selling women's hats    
shop, store - a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or services; "he bought it at a shop on Cape Cod"
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Central to the exhibition is a golden beaver sign which once took pride of place in the shopfront of a Stirling hat shop and now forms part of the collection of the Smith Museum and Art Gallery.
After dropping their bags at an ultra-hip hotel, they head to Rome's oldest hat shop to choose appropriate Fedoras.
With just 48 hours to experience the Eternal City, they begin by dropping their bags off at their ultra-hip hotel, then head to Rome's oldest hat shop in search of headgear to protect them from the Italian sun.
Dickson & Bensons, Hat Shop, Dress Shop, Roman Parrish toy shop.
While Addie's father, the owner of a hat shop, disapproves of the strikes, Addie's charming Uncle Chaim is a vocal supporter and participant.
THE NORTHWEST HAT COMPANY What: Hat shop owned by hat maker Michael Miller Address: 870 Pearl St.
At any moment, any one of us might know God's manifestation--even those engaged in the commerce of a hat shop.
We're still talking about smiling) I may be as happy as Pharrell in a free hat shop but my face won't show it.
The businesswoman, who started working in a hat shop in the 1920s, still owns a millinery store in Glasgow's southside.