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hatch 1

a. An opening, as in the deck of a ship, in the roof or floor of a building, or in an aircraft.
b. The cover for such an opening.
c. A hatchway.
2. A door that opens upward on the rear of an automobile; a hatchback.
3. A floodgate.
down the hatch Slang
Drink up. Often used as a toast.

[Middle English, small door, from Old English hæc, hæcc.]

hatch 2

v. hatched, hatch·ing, hatch·es
1. To emerge from an egg or other structure that surrounds and protects an embryo.
2. To emerge from a cocoon or chrysalis.
3. To emerge from the water when transforming from an aquatic larval or pupal form to a winged form, as a mayfly or caddisfly.
1. To produce (young) from an egg or eggs.
2. To cause (an egg or eggs) to produce young.
3. To devise or originate, especially in secret: hatch an assassination plot.
a. The act or an instance of hatching from an egg or similar structure.
b. The act or an instance of emerging from a cocoon or chrysalis.
c. The act or an instance of emerging from the water when transforming from an aquatic larval or pupal form to a winged form.
a. A group of young organisms, especially birds, that hatch at one time; a brood.
b. A group of adult insects that emerge at one time.
c. A group of winged insects, as mayflies or caddisflies, that emerge at one time from a body of water.

[Middle English hacchen, from Old English *hæccan.]

hatch′er n.

hatch 3

tr.v. hatched, hatch·ing, hatch·es
To shade by drawing or etching fine parallel or crossed lines on.
A fine line used in hatching.

[Middle English hachen, to engrave, carve, from Old French hacher, hachier, to crosshatch, cut up; see hash1.]
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