hatchet face

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hatchet face

A long, gaunt face with sharp features.

hatch′et-faced′ (-fāst′) adj.

hatch′et face`

a thin face with sharp features.
hatch′et-faced`, adj.
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Forget what they say about fairytales," snarled old Hatchet Face.
They were quite adept with this," he said, turning it in his hand, demonstrating how quickly a 19th-century farmer skilled in using the tool could go from hatchet face to hammer face.
And the argument was certainly delivered a blow when I returned to Gatwick airport and strolled to a newsagent where I was served by a woman with a hatchet face who seemed not to know the words "please" or "thank you" and had absolutely no concept of customer service.
The same could also be said of the supporting actors, including the grotesquely ugly Hatchet Face (Kim McGuire), the pre-diet Ricki Lake, and the shop-worn Iggy Pop.