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None of these has succeeded in football management and can you imagine how fine footballers like Bale, Ramsey, Allen and the youngsters, Woodburn, Empadu, Brooks etc will feel about being coached by the hatchet man of MU?
He said: "The designated hatchet man for Fine Gael is none other than the Health Minister, who is also trying to mask his own outrageous failures in health.
But David Cameron and his hatchet man George Osborne appear completely unmoved.
The Italian businessman has a reputation as a hatchet man - he went through 36 coaches in 22 years at Cagliari - but Milanic said he has been given to time-scale to get Leeds back into the top flight, and nor does he worry about being sacked.
When she deemed the time right, Thatcher brought in her hatchet man Ian MacGregor from the US.
Jose Mourinho will doubtless try to upstage Keane with some characteristic selfindulgence and Didier Drogba will throw himself around to incur the wrath of ITV's new hatchet man.
Li said that Dailai Lama was the hatchet man of anti-China forces in the world, the ringleader of the conspiracy of "Free Tibet", the ultimate agitator of the chaos of Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism and the utmost impediment to the normal development of Tibetan Buddhism.
uk True Storey: My Life and Crimes as a Football Hatchet Man by Peter Storey (Mainstream, pounds 8.
She appointed hatchet man Ian MacGregor as head of the Coal Board and then began to stockpile coal at power stations.
GRAHAM Drury has vowed to keep up his reputation as the hatchet man of speedway if any of his Birmingham riders don't meet his expectations.
Loners and loneliness inform all these perfs, but none more so than George Clooney's (Oscar winner for "Syriana") heartbreaking turn as the debonair, soulless yet ultimately self-aware hatchet man in "Up in the Air," a constant traveler happiest at 30,000 feet, insulated from messy human drama.
BAGHDAD: Saddam Hussein's hatchet man Chemical Ali, on death row for genocide over the gassing of tens of thousands of Kurds in the 1980s, is still in US custody, a military spokesman said yesterday.