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1. Eliciting or deserving hatred.
2. Feeling or showing hatred: "After she'd drunk the cocktail ... Mary sat there seeing faces, hearing voices in a blank hateful haze" (John Dos Passos).
3. Informal Very unpleasant or unappealing: a hateful chore.

hate′ful·ly adv.
hate′ful·ness n.
Synonyms: hateful, detestable, odious, offensive, repellent
These often interchangeable adjectives describe what elicits or deserves strong dislike, distaste, or revulsion. Hateful refers to what evokes hatred or deep animosity: "No vice is universally so hateful as ingratitude" (Joseph Priestley).
Detestable applies to what arouses abhorrence or scorn: detestable crimes against humanity. Something odious is the object of intense displeasure or aversion: "the odious practice of sending prisoners abroad to be tortured" (Ronald Dworkin).
Offensive applies to what offends or insults: an offensive suggestion that the writer was guilty of plagiarism. Something repellent arouses repugnance or disgust: "[The motion picture code] banned the portrayal of repellent subjects—the sale of women, surgical operations, cruelty to children and animals" (Jeffrey Meyers).
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Adv.1.hatefully - in a hateful manner




[ˈheɪtfəlɪ] advodiosamente


(heit) verb
to dislike very much. I hate them for their cruelty to my father; I hate getting up in the morning.
1. great dislike. a look of hate.
2. something disliked. Getting up in the morning is one of my pet (= particular) hates.
ˈhateful adjective
very bad; very unpleasant. That was a hateful thing to do to her; What a hateful person!
ˈhatefully adverb
ˈhatefulness noun
hatred (ˈheitrid) noun
great dislike. There was a look of hatred in his eyes; I have a deep-seated hatred of liars.
References in classic literature ?
He crouched behind a little tree, with his eyes burning hatefully and his teeth set in a cur- like snarl.
His attentions to Miss King were now the consequence of views solely and hatefully mercenary; and the mediocrity of her fortune proved no longer the moderation of his wishes, but his eagerness to grasp at anything.
Then the wretched boy looked cautiously up and found her gone, crept out of bed, fastened his door, and threw himself upon his pillow again: tearing his hair, morosely crying, grudgingly loving her, hatefully but impenitently spurning himself, and no less hatefully and unprofitably spurning all the good in the world.
Bonacieux was standing at the door, and looked at D'Artagnan hatefully.
Thomas Mugridge backed away, glaring as hatefully and viciously as I glared.
He was amazed, disgusted that conditions so foreign to all his purposes, so hatefully disconnected with the objects he cared to occupy himself with, should have lain in ambush and clutched him when he was unaware.
Prince Charles so hatefully found that he could only marry someone who had no past and also had to be either royal or aristocratic.
We noticed him getting on the train at 42nd Street because he was looking at us hatefully and grumbling something under his breath.
But the more Grace sees of how heartless her Master is, and how hatefully the Missus behaves, the bigger a small voice of righteousness in her mind grows.
Many of the ways adolescents act out their aggressive feelings are represented in Skim--the perverse pleasure that comes from locking yourself in a bedroom, listening to sad music and writing hatefully in a diary about how everyone hates you, practicing witchcraft, sneaking out, sulking, eating too much (or too little), gossiping, bleaching your hair, and feeling melancholic.
IS IT me or are the contestants on this year's instalment of The Apprentice (BBC1) even more hatefully dumb than usual?
David is a leader, but he is rude with all the girls, he speak hatefully and his words hurt us) (Questionnaire, April 11)