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1. A covering for the head, especially one with a shaped crown and brim.
a. A head covering of distinctive color and shape worn as a symbol of office.
b. The office symbolized by the wearing of such a head covering.
3. A role or office symbolized by or as if by the wearing of different hats: wears two hats—one as parent and one as corporate executive.
tr.v. hat·ted, hat·ting, hats
To supply or cover with a hat.
at the drop of a hat
At the slightest pretext or provocation.
hat in hand
In a humble manner; humbly.
take (one's) hat off to
To respect, admire, or congratulate.
talk through (one's) hat
1. To talk nonsense.
2. To bluff.
throw/toss (one's) hat into the ring
To enter a political race as a candidate for office.
under (one's) hat
As a secret or in confidence: Keep this information under your hat.

[Middle English, from Old English hæt, hætt.]
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Adj.1.hatted - wearing a hat or a hat of a particular kind; "two old ladies, neatly hatted and gloved"; "a bearskin-hatted sentry"
hatless - not wearing a hat; "stood hatless in the rain with water dripping down his neck"
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In 1950s photographs of city streets, nearly every male is hatted: soft caps for blue-collar workers, porkpies and fedoras for white-collar.
As Dad knew, a hatted head feels more protected than a bare one, even if what threatens it is psychological rather than meterological.