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Then they found that Japanese-American Haun had bought a blonde wig and a tan suit similar to the one worn by the bogus store detective.
Haun. belongs to the sixth century and so is roughly contemporary with Procopius and Olympiodorus, though with no direct dependence either way (pp.
From the early 1840s until 1857, they shifted from Liberty men to Free Soilers to Republicans experiencing the ups and downs of the antislavery movement; they failed to defeat the Haun exclusion law of 1851, yet delivered the state five years later to presidential candidate John C.
Haun, MD, ABFP, ABMM, Vice President of Medical Affairs, St.
Arthur, Jim Lennon, Robert Dutch Schultz, Debbie Lemonidis (event chair), Fred Hall (event chair), Monica Haun (event chair), and Kate McNally (event chair).
I hiv in ma haun a photie o a fiveeer-aal loon lookin doon at's wee sister, bit a day aul, the loon wi a prood yet shy kyn o a wee smirk an the baba gye sweer tae open her een tae the crazy warl ootside.
Governor Brian Sandoval has appointed Dallas Haun, Chairman of Nevada State Bank, to the Nevada Athletic Commission.
In a field of 20, a half dozen are wearing dresses,'' writes theater reporter Harry Haun in the New York Observer.
CORVALLIS - Freshmen Ann Haun and Annie Sidor became the first women pole vaulters in Oregon State history on Saturday as the Beavers hosted an invitational meet at the Whyte Track and Field Center.
The bank's president and CEO, Dallas Haun, said that loan growth was recorded at USD38m and the increase was across all broad categories with significant jumps in the business, commercial real estate and consumer lending sectors.
Late one night down at the sea wall, he remembers hearing one lassie from Cowdenbeath saying: "Get yer haun oot o' there...
Lindsey Haun stars in Shrooms entire family 2004 ** Prime (RTE One, 9.30pm - 11.25pm) Comedy, starring Uma Thurman.