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A housewife.

[German : Haus, house (from Middle High German hūs, from Old High German) + Frau, wife; see Frau.]
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(Sociology) a German housewife
[German, from Haus house + Frau woman, wife]
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(ˈhaʊsˌwaɪf or, usu., ˈhʌz ɪf for 2 )

n., pl. -wives (-ˌwaɪvz or, usu., -ɪfs or -ɪvz for 2 )
1. a married woman who manages her own household, esp. as her principal occupation.
2. Brit. a small case for sewing articles.
house′wif`ey, adj.
usage: housewife is regarded by some as offensive, perhaps because it implies a lowly status or perhaps because it defines a woman's occupation in relation to a man. Homemaker is a common substitute.
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A German word meaning a housewife.
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Civilisation has done away with curl-papers, yet at that hour the soul of the Hausfrau is as tightly screwed up in them as was ever her grandmother's hair; and though my body comes down mechanically, having been trained that way by punctual parents, my soul never thinks of beginning to wake up for other people till lunch-time, and never does so completely till it has been taken out of doors and aired in the sunshine.
My father, William, was a handsome music teacher and my mother, Alma Sophia, was a true hausfrau both their parents were German immigrants.
On important editors in the front rows of fashion shows, on the Instagram stories of downtown party girls, there they were: high-collared, often curtain-print dresses by Batsheva Hay, every cool girl and down-to-earth celeb reborn as a little hausfrau on the prairie.
We are called to see that we have all plugged into the Matrix--the Internet-a self-proclaimed deity grasping to control humanity that says, "I'm the Bright, White Spirit of the Age, / you, if you will, are just some sagging hausfrau, / your gut a bag of fat, LOL, in your lap-/ I'm sorry: redact.
Casual observers may think Gregarious Hausfrau is a long-suffering martyr because of Vexatious Spouse's cheating ways.
Es lebe die Hausfrau", Teil I, in: Sozialwissenschaftliche Forschung und Praxis fur Frauen (Hg.), Autonome Frauenbewegung und Organisationsfrage, Koln, Heft 3, 1982, , 34-43.
Throughout the work on view, the concepts of diversity, inclusivity, and the microcosm were often enveloped in personal narratives, and intimate accounts delivered by multiple voices articulated perspectives that commanded a wide range of emotional registers: While Mark Dion's coupled works The Persistent Weeds of Istanbul and The Resilient Marine Life of Istanbul, both 2017, entailed intensive collaborations between wildlife illustrators and fine artists that portrayed two biotic communities as case studies for urban sprawl, a video installation by Monica Bonvicini, Hausfrau Swinging, 1997, depicted a naked woman wearing a maquette of a house on her head and banging it violently against walls.
Other countries afflicted by neoliberalism have equivalents: think of Angela Merkel's idealisation of the 'schwabische Hausfrau'.
Anna Benz, the housewife in Jill Alexander Essbaum's novel, Hausfrau, is not likable.
In Jacobson's text, the Holocaust has a clear historical influence, which is implicit as well as explicit; for example, Ailinn is first described to the reader as a "hausfrau" and discussions of Wagner are playfully incorporated into the prejudicial worldviews of his villains.
Among other things, the hausfrau spends extra time making her home spotless.