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A housewife.

[German : Haus, house (from Middle High German hūs, from Old High German) + Frau, wife; see Frau.]


(Sociology) a German housewife
[German, from Haus house + Frau woman, wife]


(ˈhaʊsˌwaɪf or, usu., ˈhʌz ɪf for 2 )

n., pl. -wives (-ˌwaɪvz or, usu., -ɪfs or -ɪvz for 2 )
1. a married woman who manages her own household, esp. as her principal occupation.
2. Brit. a small case for sewing articles.
house′wif`ey, adj.
usage: housewife is regarded by some as offensive, perhaps because it implies a lowly status or perhaps because it defines a woman's occupation in relation to a man. Homemaker is a common substitute.


A German word meaning a housewife.
References in classic literature ?
To most German Hausfraus the dinners and the puddings are of paramount importance, and they pride themselves on keeping those parts of their houses that are seen in a state of perpetual and spotless perfection, and this is exceedingly praiseworthy; but, I would humbly inquire, are there not other things even more important?
Vignettes about borscht ("it's important to note that at some point in the last century Mennonite hausfraus began to substitute Campbell's tomato soup for beets," 112); Low German ("There's a Low German proverb .
The little pieces of shredded Palestinian children fall as lightly on the conscience of Europeans and Americans as the dust from the crematoria on the neat-as-a-pin flower boxes brushed off daily by German hausfraus living in the shadows of Dachau and Auschwitz.
When she was being marched up this long road in Germany to the concentration camp, she went through this middle-class farming area and the Hausfraus had just finished breakfast and were drying their saucers and cups, leaning over the fence watching these women in rags.
Get yourself some dumpy hausfraus for free is a line I've often heard.
And the signs of prosperity are all around, from the ubiquitous Mercedes to the contented middle-aged Hausfraus tucking into their mid-afternoon cream cakes and coffee in every pavement cafe.
This is great news for image consultants and make-over gurus who rely on forty-something hausfraus to turnfrom middle aged bobby soxer into a having-it-all 90s woman.
Someone with an existentialist, or perhaps even situationist, bent might divine in the numberless amateur paintings, produced by weary hausfraus and overworked-and-underpaid middle-management types on their one day off, the epidermal secretions of a desiccated suburban bourgeoisie, condemned t the hell of mini-malls, car pools, multiplexes, and Godard movies.