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n. pl. haus·to·ri·a (hô-stôr′ē-ə)
A specialized structure of a parasitic fungus or plant, used to absorb nutrients and water from the host plant.

[New Latin haustōrium, from Latin haustus, a drawing in, absorption, from past participle of haurīre, to draw up.]

haus·to′ri·al adj.


n, pl -ria (-rɪə)
(Plant Pathology) the organ of a parasitic plant that penetrates the host tissues and absorbs food and water from them
[C19: from New Latin, from Late Latin haustor a water-drawer; see haustellum]
hausˈtorial adj


(hɔˈstɔr i əm, -ˈstoʊr-)

n., pl. haus•to•ri•a (hɔˈstɔr i ə, -ˈstoʊr-)
1. a projection from the hypha of a fungus into the organic matter from which it absorbs nutrients.
2. the penetrating feeding organ of certain parasites.
[1870–75; < New Latin, = Latin haus-, variant s. of haurīre to scoop up, draw + -tōrium -tory2]
haus•to′ri•al, adj.
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Noun1.haustorium - a root-like attachment in parasitic plants that penetrates and obtains food from the host
plant process, enation - a natural projection or outgrowth from a plant body or organ
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When a dodder seedling brushes against tasty prey, a haustorium disk forms and pushes out from the dodder stem with a fast-growing point.
The haustorium penetrates the roots of the host plant, intertwining and interconnecting with them to absorb water and nutrients (mostly carbon).
During the germinative process, this proximal region will give rise to the cotyledonary petiole, while the distal region develops as haustorium.
DMBQ (10 and 20 pM), applied to Striga germilings resulting from seeds conditioned in water displayed 64 and 71 % haustorium initiation, respectively (Table 5).
The embryo is laterally inserted at the end of the seed and consists of a cylindrical region, which is the cotyledonary petiole, and a distal region that makes up the cotyledonary limb or the haustorium (Figure 2B).
Series of laboratory and green house experiments were undertaken to investigate the effects of seed priming and salinity on germination growth of sorghum and haustorium initiation of Striga hermonthica.
Perhaps the water had been absorbed by early germination, typical of Panama Tall (Harries, 1981), but Oviedo does not mention the soft, sweet and very edible haustorium (or "apple") that would immediately identify a real coconut.
A mature haustorium of Castilleja is composed of a plate xylem zone surrounded by parenchyma, a centrally located core of collenchyma (with vessel members scattered), and the haustorial surface (Dobbins & Kuijt 1973a).
Such fruits were tied with nylon fiber to the twigs of guava plants (Psidium guajava) to allow the formation of the holdfast and the emergence of the haustorium.
guineensis type tenera exposed to light display chlorophyll accumulation in the haustorium due to chloroplast development, and subsequent starch accumulation (Rabechault & Cas 1974).
Cell I subspherical, partially to entirely inserted within host's integument; thallus penetrating beneath integument with large haustorium (rhizomycelium).
The haustorium attaches, penetrates and establishes connection with the host xylem.