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also haut·bois  (hō′boi′, ō′boi′)
n. pl. haut·boys also haut·bois (-boiz′)
An oboe.

[French hautbois, from Old French : haut, high; see haughty + bois, wood (of Germanic origin).]
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Noun1.hautbois - a slender double-reed instrumenthautbois - a slender double-reed instrument; a woodwind with a conical bore and a double-reed mouthpiece
double reed, double-reed instrument - a woodwind that has a pair of joined reeds that vibrate together
basset oboe, heckelphone - an oboe pitched an octave below the ordinary oboe
musette pipe - a small simple oboe
oboe da caccia - an alto oboe; precursor of the English horn
oboe d'amore - an oboe pitched a minor third lower than the ordinary oboe; used to perform baroque music
shawm - a medieval oboe
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Une soixantaine de musiciens dont Vera Ait Tahar, Feth Eddine Mehalla et Kheira Ben Haoua au violon, Lotfi Said et Walid Merabet en alto, Reda Mender a la contrebasse, Massine Bouchakour a la flute, Mohamed Abbad au hautbois, Lyamine Belaz a la clarinette, Tahar Radja au basson, Nour Eddine Guechoud au cor, Hacene Lounis a la trompette, Ehab Alkteish a la trombone, Hamza Mazen a la timbale, Sid Ali Larroum a la percussion et Di Nicola a la harpe.
Grande / Sinfonie / pour / deux Violons, Alto et Basse, / 2 Cors, 2 Hautbois et 2 Bassons, / composee / par / I.
Gibson, Kaplanidou, & Kang, 2012), social (Djaballah, Hautbois, & Desbordes, 2015), or sport participation perspective (e.
Sewing the flowers of Heaven" etait le titre du premier morceau chinois de ce concert grandiose qui raconte, sur les rythmes d'une melodie douce et elegante au violon et au hautbois, l'histoire d'un groupe de femmes, du plein coeur de la chine ancienne, qui tissent, avec un devouement remarque et une affection sincere, des fleurs "paradisiaques" sur un tapis pour les presenter a l'humanite en signe d'amour et de compassion.
Musical duo Hautbois played popular songs from 1913 and female rapper dance team Star and Shadow performed the traditional pitman's sword dance.
Quelques trompettes et hautbois sont aussi venus, surtout avant 1700.
mouse] Trois Pieces pour hautbois et piano (Three pieces for oboe and piano), by Charles-Marie Widor.
de 2 Violons, Alto et Basso, deux Hautbois, deux Cors et deux Bassons op.
The clarinet, in duet, appears in Brittany and in the south-west, for example, in the latter region replacing the historic hautbois (oboe).
Cheese seller Phillipe Hautbois, from Normandy, said he travelled England all year-round setting up his stall at markets in our cities and towns.
30am on how they should conduct themselves in the presence of her majesty, with demonstrations and have-a-go sessions of Tudor dance, courtesy of musical duo, Hautbois.
My Global Rugby's Chris Shirling-Rooke; Arnaud Hautbois, European operation manager of World Rugby; and Fly in the Loaf's Dominic Hornsby, with Sean McGuire, of the Rugby Club of Liverpool