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Fashionably elegant: "In Washington, haute gastronomy is at least as important as the national economy" (Ann L. Trebbe).

[From such phrases as haute couture.]



also haut

(oʊ; esp. before a vowel oʊt)

1. high-class or high-toned; fancy: an haute restaurant.
2. high; elevated; upper.
[1780–90; < French, feminine of haut literally, high; see haughty]
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Cependant, mon cher," he remarked, examining his nails from a distance and puckering the skin above his left eye, "malgre la haute estime que je professe pour the Orthodox Russian army, j'avoue que votre victoire n'est pas des plus victorieuses.
We will flash first to Worcester, cross the Hudson on the high bridge at Poughkeepsie, swing southwest through a dozen coal towns to the outskirts of Philadelphia, leap across the Susquehanna, zigzag up and down the Alleghenies into the murk of Pittsburg, cross the Ohio at Wheeling, glance past Columbus and Indianapolis, over the Wabash at Terre Haute, into St.
This is how it runs: `A le moult puissant et moult honorable chevalier, Sir Nigel Loring de Christchurch, de son tres fidele ami Sir Claude Latour, capitaine de la Compagnie blanche, chatelain de Biscar, grand seigneur de Montchateau, vavaseur de le renomme Gaston, Comte de Foix, tenant les droits de la haute justice, de la milieu, et de la basse.
L a haute fonction publique doit s'ouvrir sur les competences et les expertises externes, surtout dans les domaines qui necessitent des connaissances techniques et complexes, a affirme, mardi a Skhirate, le secretaire general du gouvernement, Mohamed Hajoui.
com)-- Haute Pink PR launched their new website and brand exclusively for Generation X Women Authors and Speakers who know their time is now and they are ready to be the change.
Tribune News Network Doha For the second consecutive year, The Torch Doha won Best Design Hotel in Qatar and Best Hotel Service in Qatar at the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards held in Thailand.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 4, 2016-JetSmarter names Haute Living as partner
A screen grab from a Tribune-Star video shows Terra Haute police officers examining a car recovered from a handcuffed crime suspect who allegedly drove off with the vehicle on Friday.
A FILIPINO fashion designer is presenting his collection in Paris during Haute Couture Week in July.
The outlook for the Terre Haute regional economy continues to be clouded by persistent unemployment and an acceleration of a longterm downward trend in area employment.
While haute couture can offer some gorgeous moments in fashion, 6 like the Chanel show for example 6 some of it is just plan wacky.
Une source responsable au secteur du petrole a nie que les rumeurs ayant circule autour de la baisse des quantites de gaz naturel acheminees quotidiennement vers la Haute Egypte a cause de l'exportation du gaz vers un pays arabe.