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 (hăv′lŏk′, -lək)
A cloth covering for a cap, having a flap to cover and protect the back of the neck.

[After Sir Henry Havelock (1795-1857), British soldier.]


(Clothing & Fashion) a light-coloured cover for a service cap with a flap extending over the back of the neck to protect the head and neck from the sun
[C19: named after Sir H. Havelock (1795–1857), English general in India]


(ˈhæv lɒk)

a cap cover with a flap hanging over the back of the neck for protection from the sun.
[1860–65, Amer.; after Sir Henry Havelock (1795–1857), English general in India]
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Noun1.havelock - a cloth covering for a service cap with a flap extending over the back of the neck to protect the neck from direct rays of the sun
cloth covering - a covering made of cloth
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I see him walking about Piccadilly in his green havelock almost every day.
Here is my uncle's walking-stick--he was Sir Richard Warburton, you know, and rode with Havelock to the Relief of Lucknow.
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Ray and Ann (Cloer) Havelock of Crooked River Ranch plan to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this summer with a family reunion at the Oregon Coast.
A havelock was basically a small covering protecting the soldier from sunstroke during battles in hot climes of the Empire.
At the meagre age of just 44, and after only 28 years in the saddle as a professional rider, Robert Gary Havelock (left) has given up going out to race.
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