(ˈhæv ənt)
contraction of have not.
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These latest findings havent been the subject of a scientific publication yet, but Tautavel is recognized as a reference by archaeologists all over the world.
I'm sick of it of a nice evening I would like to sit in the garden but can't at the moment because my lovely neighbours keep burning things and it stinks and so strong it's a hazard, thank god I haven't got asthma, having to sit in doors and close all the windows in the nice weather is a joke, thankfully I havent got children at the moment because they wouldn't be able to play in the garden.
I havent any personal enmity with any one and I shall do my responsibilities according to the law he reiterated.
I havent seen anyone showing interest," Hassan had said.
Police havent got a clue, they are more concerned with bankrupting the motorist than fighting crime, and with all these do-gooders around saying you can't do this and that.
SQUASHING rumours that they havent been able to rope in sponsors, Delhi Daredevils unveiled their brand new jersey for the seventh edition of the Indian Premier league with a tie- up with the country's largest online and mobile classifieds portal Quikr in the Capital on Saturday.
They've invested millions in the country and they havent come here just to leave the next day.
We havent noticed any particular fall off, says Marklund.
But the Midlanders will also be out to end a horrendous run - they havent won at the Donegal venue since 1992.
Its snowing here Barcelona, i havent seen that many times IC TWEETS: Suppose it's some small consolation
On the social networking site, she raged: "I havent got the energy 2 block the haters.
ont say that you havent noticed, I bet you secretly love it, dont you?