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a.1.Pertaining to, or discovered by, Clopton Havers, an English physician of the seventeenth century.
Haversian canals
(Anat.) the small canals through which the blood vessels ramify in bone.
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As observed in humans, an important feature of NHP bone is the presence of osteonal or Haversian remodeling in cortical bone (i.
Pathophysiology of pain in leukaemia Site/system Pathology Symptom Central nervous Meningeal Headache system infiltration Neck stiffness Peripheral nervous Chemotherapy- Peripheral system related nerve neuropathy damage Lymphatic system Lymphatic Nociceptive and/or infiltration neuropathic pain Splenic infiltration Abdomen Hepatic infiltration Nociceptive and/or Capsular stretch neuropathic pain Abdominal node infiltration Ileus Bone Cortical infiltration Nociceptive bone Pathological pain fractures Neuropathic bone Periosteal stretch pain Infiltration of haversian canals Table 2.
SEM inspection of the object ends identifies diagnostic features of compact bone structure in the form of osteons and Haversian system.
Histological examination of this specimen revealed metaplastic ossification to lamellar bone with eosinophilic ossified matrix, lacunar spaces and haversian vascular canals characteristic of bone (Fig.
It consists of a network of lamellae parallel to each other mostly known as Haversian canals.
In the rare case of a biopsied bone island, the histology has shown compact lamellar bone with prominent Haversian canals.
The compact bone around it and in the diaphysis is formed by a series of Haversian systems (osteons).