having a nose curved like the bill of a hawk.
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References in classic literature ?
Lord Greystoke received the hawk-nosed, gray mustached soldier in his library, and after a dozen words the two men had formed a mutual esteem that was to endure through life.
He recognised Richard Postgate by his square, bearded chin and hawk-nosed profile.
He was soon hounded by the hawk-nosed Dino Meneghin, tall and hulking main man who was doing the all-around pillaring chore for Italy.
Leo (Damien Bonnard), the central character in "Staying Vertical," is a tall, curly-haired drifter with a hawk-nosed, reptilian stare--he looks like a doleful French version of Kramer from "Seinfeld." Early on, he hooks up with Marie (India Hair), a single mother who's working as a shepherd, and before it's clear that they're even going to be a couple, the two have collaborated on having a baby.
A beefy, hawk-nosed guy with a thick neck and shaved head, Mr.
Hawk-nosed Treasury spokesman Philip Hammond, who goes on the telly when his boss Boy George Osborne is in trouble (i.e.
A hawk-nosed man himself - with gray hair, sharp eyes and an inquisitive, youthful energy about him - Bartow in the last decade has had solo exhibitions in Europe and Japan, New Zealand and Canada.
Hawk-nosed and white-haired at 67, Kovach speaks with a Southern accent that betrays East Tennessee hill country, but the accent is somewhat misleading: In fact, he's the son of Albanian immigrants who settled in Morristown, Tenn.
A slim, nervously intense, hawk-nosed man, Holmes uses purely scientific reasoning to solve mysteries and can make the most startling deductions from trivial details and bits of physical evidence overlooked by others.
"Well, we say we're just farmers," laughs the second oldest of the four siblings, Angelo, whose hawk-nosed, craggy face is weathered to a soft sheen of amiability.
A literary writer who frequently appeared on bestseller lists, the tall, hawk-nosed Updike wrote novels, short stories, poems, criticism, memoirs and even a famous essay about baseball great Ted Williams.