having a nose curved like the bill of a hawk.
References in classic literature ?
Lord Greystoke received the hawk-nosed, gray mustached soldier in his library, and after a dozen words the two men had formed a mutual esteem that was to endure through life.
A beefy, hawk-nosed guy with a thick neck and shaved head, Mr.
Hawk-nosed Treasury spokesman Philip Hammond, who goes on the telly when his boss Boy George Osborne is in trouble (i.
It was a small hawk-nosed face wearing a jester's three-pointed hat with faintly jingling bells.
A hawk-nosed man himself - with gray hair, sharp eyes and an inquisitive, youthful energy about him - Bartow in the last decade has had solo exhibitions in Europe and Japan, New Zealand and Canada.
Hawk-nosed and white-haired at 67, Kovach speaks with a Southern accent that betrays East Tennessee hill country, but the accent is somewhat misleading: In fact, he's the son of Albanian immigrants who settled in Morristown, Tenn.
Croft, an American baritone with hawk-nosed good looks, making his L.