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or hawk's beard  (hôks′bîrd′)
Any of various plants of the genus Crepis of the composite family that have several rayed, usually yellow flower heads on a branching stem.
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The herb of narrowleaf hawksbeard is used in Tibetan medicine for treating bronchitis, pneumonia and arteriosclerosis, and against emesis.
G Wardle may be interested to know that, in partnership with others, we are also developing reintroduction projects for corncrakes and cirl buntings (not birds of prey) and stinking hawksbeard (a rare plant).
Bud the Labrador, real name Headleyhope Hawksbeard, is named after the beer.
Forbs are broadleaf plants that don't have woody stems and include perennial plants such as arrowleaf balsamroot and tapertip hawksbeard.