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A slender sea turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) of tropical and subtropical waters worldwide, having a hawklike beak and heavily harvested in the past for its carapace, the source of tortoiseshell. Also called tortoiseshell.
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Noun1.hawksbill - pugnacious tropical sea turtle with a hawk-like beakhawksbill - pugnacious tropical sea turtle with a hawk-like beak; source of food and the best tortoiseshell
marine turtle, sea turtle - any of various large turtles with limbs modified into flippers; widely distributed in warm seas
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Patterson, from Scotland, said: "Both the turtles were juvenile hawksbills and were washed up when the sea was quite rough and the wind was a little higher than usual.
The young Hawksbills have been washing up on the shore along the UAE coastline, some are injuries caused by entanglement or boat strikes, however the majority are sick rather than injured.
The research team, composed of national and international researchers and organizations, observed 103 individual hawksbills during that time, immediately revealing CNP as one of the most important hawksbill foraging areas known in the eastern Pacific.
The Eastern Pacific (EP) populations of leatherbacks and hawksbills are considered among the most endangered sea turtle populations in the world.
The majority are juvenile hawksbills, which are found washed up on the coast during the winter months of December, January and February suffering from the adverse effects of cold sea temperatures.
This means hawksbills from one nest are not mixing with those in other areas, indicating they are confined to their nests and not freely moving around the UAE waters.
Like many sea turtles, hawksbills are a critically endangered species mostly due to human impact.
Fewer than 500 adult female hawksbills are estimated to exist in the eastern Pacific Ocean (Gaos et al.
So far, 130 Hawksbills turtles covered with barnacles have been taken in for treatment by the Dubai Turtle RehabiA[degrees]litation Project.
Hawksbills, so named for their narrow, pointed beaks are listed as critically endangered species by the World Wildlife Fund.
The St Kitts and Nevis franchise, which replaces Antigua Hawksbills in the competition and were allowed to retain four of the Antigua squad, have also announced that they will be coached by South African Eric Simons, who has worked with Delhi Daredevils and the Indian team in coaching roles.
CRIC ICKET: T: Fourth Test, first day - Fourth Test, first day - England v India (Sky Sports 2, 10am); England v India (Sky Sports 2, 10am); - Caribbean Premier League T20 - - Caribbean Premier League T20 - Guyana Amazon Warriors v Antigua uyana Amazon Warriors v Antigua - Hawksbills (BT Sport 1, 9pm).