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(Law) a detective



a detective.
[1900–05; after Hawkshaw, a detective in the play The Ticket of Leave Man (1863) by Tom Taylor]
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Noun1.hawkshaw - someone who is a detectivehawkshaw - someone who is a detective    
colloquialism - a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech
detective, police detective, tec, investigator - a police officer who investigates crimes
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KIND OFFER Colin Hawkshaw, who opposes the beach ban on dogs, with his West Highland terrier Albie.
Artists signed by KWKH or guest-starring on the Hayride who would have used this microphone include Johnny Cash, George Jones, Roy Acuff, June Carter, Hawkshaw Hawkins, Jean Shepard, Roy Clark, Minnie Pearl, Ray Price, Roger Miller, Johnny Paycheck, Hank Williams Jr.
Newbiggin school caretaker and dog owner Colin Hawkshaw, who helped organise the protest petition, said: "They are chasing visitors away and seem to want an empty beach.
Out on Maelstrom Records, trance voiceover queen Kirsty Hawkshaw supplies her usual breathy brilliance.
Tony Hawkshaw who has resigned to pursue other business opportunities.
Yesterday school caretaker Colin Hawkshaw, 35, of Meldon Terrace, Newbiggin, who organised the protest petition against the ban, said the signs on the promenade were encouraging dog owners to use an area which was potentially dangerous.
St Johnstone - Fallon, McFadyen, Richmond, Townsend, McKinven, McCarry, Hawkshaw, Jackson, McIntyre, Ferguson, Kemp.
For Further Information Contact: Brenda Radies, Vice-President Corporate Relations (604) 806-3158 Anthony Hawkshaw, Chief Financial Officer (604) 806-3159
A SURPRISINGLY enjoyable batch of songs from the likes of David Mead, Nada Surf and Kirtsy Hawkshaw which are aimed at pre-teen kids, but without heavily patronising them.
Beaty, Chairman or Tony Hawkshaw, Chief Financial Officer 604-684-1175
Stephanie Austin, MSIV; Venu Divi, MD; Mary Hawkshaw, BSN, RN, CORLN; Robert T.
Newbiggin villager Colin Hawkshaw, who joined Mr Murphy on the promenade, said: "It just showed that the council got it wrong.