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(Law) a detective



a detective.
[1900–05; after Hawkshaw, a detective in the play The Ticket of Leave Man (1863) by Tom Taylor]
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Noun1.hawkshaw - someone who is a detectivehawkshaw - someone who is a detective    
colloquialism - a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech
detective, police detective, tec, investigator - a police officer who investigates crimes
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But the Hawkshaws had been busy between the December burglary and their arrest and had actually been arrested for another series of break-ins the month before.
Gregory and Danny Hawkshaw were filmed breaking into a garage on Kirkstall Road, Southport, and making off with two expensive mountain bikes.
YOU WILL JAILED: Clement Gregory Hawkshaw, of Bank Street North, Southport, admitted those offences as well as the Christmas break-in but said his son had only been involved in the Arundel Road burglaries because he had called him to help take the loot away.