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(Nautical Terms) nautical a strong metal pipe through which an anchor rope passes. Often shortened to: hawse


(ˈhɔzˌpaɪp, ˈhɔs-)

an iron or steel pipe in the stem or bow of a vessel through which an anchor cable passes.
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Noun1.hawsepipe - the hole that an anchor rope passes throughhawsepipe - the hole that an anchor rope passes through
hole - an opening deliberately made in or through something
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I started working on the Eagle Mar, and I slowly worked my way up, what they call 'through the hawsepipe.'
The destroyer, lipping and snuffling whiteness at the hawsepipes, lunges forward, lifts, plunges deeper, lifts in the tense trembling climax of struggle against the synchronism of the sea, until a green wave explodes on her falling fo'csle.