hay bale

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Hay bale

Hay compressed into a single block by a hay baler. Generally, in the early part of the twentieth century, the weight was adjusted so that there were thirty bales to the ton (i.e., each bale weighed approximately sixty-seven pounds). Later, bales were made round and much heavier.
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Noun1.Hay bale - a bale of hayhay bale - a bale of hay        
bale - a large bundle bound for storage or transport
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Do you want the standard hay bale you can toss by hand?
Froome admitted he saw his Tour hopes flash before his eyes as he and Geraint Thomas went wide on a descent 45 kilometres from the end of the 187.5km stage from Dole to Station des Rousses, with Froome going into the grass and gravel while Thomas collided with a hay bale.
The new Muddy Portable Bale Blind blends perfectly with its surroundings, offering complete coverage under the guise of an average hay bale. A powder-coated steel frame offers durable stability in the field, while a removable, black-backed, water-resistant fabric and burlap cover conceals you from the elements and the eyes of wary game.
FLOCKTON: Friday, September 11 - A hay bale was rolled down a hill, damaging a garden fence.
Of the 3,000 adults surveyed, some have admitted to feeling so tired they have rested up on the top of a hay bale, on a bouncy castle, during an exam, in a bank and at a football match, the Daily express reported.
In the end weather, mud, hay bale hurdles and the 5 "humps" don't deter champions.
Hamburger, hammock, hamster, harmonica, hat, hay bale, heart, Highlights, horn, horse, horseshoes, hot dog, hummingbird; ladybug, lake, lamb, lantern, lawn chair, leaves, lemonade, lily, lizard, lodge, log, lollipop, lunchbox.
The flies may be breeding in hay bale litter that has mixed with mud, water, and manure.
Put Humpty on the hay bale so he can watch over the corn.
On January 23, 1994, a 38-year-old male farmer died from injuries sustained when a large round hay bale fell on him while the bale was being loaded onto a flatbed trailer.
Factors addressed during construction: silt fence or hay bale protection, save and protect stockpiled topsoil, mulch areas exposed for long periods, and structures (culverts, ditches, diversions).
In statements on Sunday, Larnaca police spokesman Charalambos Zachariou said that shortly after 6pm the fire services responded to a fire in the Kition area and while extinguishing the blaze found the charred corpse in a hay bale.