hay bale

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Hay bale

Hay compressed into a single block by a hay baler. Generally, in the early part of the twentieth century, the weight was adjusted so that there were thirty bales to the ton (i.e., each bale weighed approximately sixty-seven pounds). Later, bales were made round and much heavier.
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Noun1.Hay bale - a bale of hayhay bale - a bale of hay        
bale - a large bundle bound for storage or transport
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FLOCKTON: Friday, September 11 - A hay bale was rolled down a hill, damaging a garden fence.
Of the 3,000 adults surveyed, some have admitted to feeling so tired they have rested up on the top of a hay bale, on a bouncy castle, during an exam, in a bank and at a football match, the Daily express reported.
A FOUNDER member of the Electric Light Orchestra was killed by a 5ft hay bale which rolled down a hill on to his van, a jury heard yesterday.
High School runners who were new to Portland Meadows find out the hard way in between the 5 humps, the hay bale hurdles and the soggy water laden mud.
Hamburger, hammock, hamster, harmonica, hat, hay bale, heart, Highlights, horn, horse, horseshoes, hot dog, hummingbird; ladybug, lake, lamb, lantern, lawn chair, leaves, lemonade, lily, lizard, lodge, log, lollipop, lunchbox.
The flies may be breeding in hay bale litter that has mixed with mud, water, and manure.
Niemeier said there have been three other barn fires and one hay bale fire in the same area recently.
Put Humpty on the hay bale so he can watch over the corn.
Test your strength on the hay bale lifter (a bale can weigh up to 70 pounds).
The Whitley Bay Warrior event will see participants fight their way through 20 testing obstacles, including rigging, trenches and hay bale climbs, on Whitley Bay beach.
It would devastate us," said Mark Phalp, 49, in November, whose family built a giant hay bale teddy in protest.
Hay Bale Maze Little ones can make their way through the fun path of hay bales, dodge the dead ends and conquer the maze.