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n. Chiefly British
A conical mound of hay.


(Agriculture) a small cone-shaped pile of hay left in the field until dry enough to carry to the rick or barn



a small conical pile of hay in a hayfield.


A small conical haystack, usually only three or four feet in diameter and six or so feet high. Such stacks were generally built to allow the hay to cure, after which it would be placed in larger stacks for storage. Things like peanut vines with the peanuts still attached might be stacked in cocks until the peanuts dried, after which the vines would be thrashed.
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Noun1.Haycock - a small cone-shaped pile of hay that has been left in the field until it is dry enough to carry to the hayrickhaycock - a small cone-shaped pile of hay that has been left in the field until it is dry enough to carry to the hayrick
hayrick, haystack, rick - a stack of hay


[ˈheɪkɒk] Nmontón m de heno


[ˈheɪˌkɒk] nmucchio di fieno
References in classic literature ?
When the last of the hay had been divided, Levin, intrusting the superintendence of the rest to the counting-house clerk, sat down on a haycock marked off by a stake of willow, and looked admiringly at the meadow swarming with peasants.
They were loading a haycock onto the cart not far from him.
To the left, carts were rumbling over the meadow that had been already cleared, and one after another the haycocks vanished, flung up in huge forkfuls, and in their place there were rising heavy cartloads of fragrant hay hanging over the horses' hind-quarters.
This long consumer, who had probably never done an honest day's-work in his life, sprung the lid of a Chinese tobacco-box and with thumb and forefinger forked out a wad like a small haycock.
I would build a sugar house in the village; I would invite learned men to an investigation of the subject—and such are easily to be found, sir; yes, sir, they are not difficult to find—men who unite theory with practice; and I would select a wood of young and thrifty trees; and, instead of making loaves of the size of a lump of candy, dam’me, ‘Duke, but I’d have them as big as a haycock.
The Fuegian wigwam resembles, in size and dimensions, a haycock.
But it amazed him to think what haycocks people can make of their lives.
In the fields the corn was waving like the sea; in the ditches red and yellow flowers were growing; while wild-drone flowers, and blooming convolvuluses were creeping in the hedges; and towards evening the moon rose round and large, and the haycocks in the meadows smelt so sweetly.
Bride and groom: Lauren McKenzie, 26, and George Haycock, 31, both of Billingham Married at: Hardwick Hall, Sedgefield When?
Chantelle Haycock says their ordeal in Palma was made worse by the way she was treated by Ryanair, who she says left her out of pocket and facing a 60-mile journey to another airport.
Kelly, formerly of Sark Drive, Smiths Wood, denies saying anything of the kind, according to his solicitor, Philip Haycock.
Ernest Ingles, who recently retired from his position as chief librarian and vice-provost, as well as director, for the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta is the American Library Association (ALA) 2017 Ken Haycock Award recipient.