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1. A rack from which livestock feed.
a. A rack fitted to a wagon for carrying hay.
b. A wagon fitted with such a rack.
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1. (Agriculture) a rack for holding hay for feeding to animals
2. (Agriculture) a rack fixed to a cart or wagon to increase the quantity of hay or straw that it can carry
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1. a rack for holding hay for feeding horses or cattle.
2. a rack or framework mounted on a wagon, for use in carrying hay, straw, or the like.
3. the wagon and rack together.
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A board frame with ladder-like ends about six feet high. The rack replaced the usual wagon box when hay was to be hauled. The frame was about twelve feet long and seven feet wide and, with careful stacking of the hay, would hold about as much as two horses could pull.
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Noun1.Hayrack - a rack that holds hay for feeding livestockhayrack - a rack that holds hay for feeding livestock
rack - framework for holding objects
2.hayrack - a frame attached to a wagon to increase the amount of hay it can carry
framework - a structure supporting or containing something
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Morton would decide to accept a hayrack in return for a year's instruction from her daughter.
"We have some exciting plans for the future creating a true community pub that customers enjoy all day, every day.'' The refurbished pub now offers quality cask, craft and world beers and has an extensive gin and premium spirit range and the newly introduced food menu which uses only locally sourced products features signature dish Hayrack Butchery steak pie and homemade chips.
Among these French companies include CK Industries design, which manufacture and sell a wide range of tubular and manure equipment for cows, calves, sheep and goats such as headlocks, fences, cubicles, hayrack and scrapers for over 40 years; Deltex, a company specialised in manufacturing polyester wire and cable, and builds water reservoir, greenhouses and trellis systems; NTD France, which builds livestock buildings designed for the comfort of animals; and Gautier Semences, which specialised in breeding, producing and retailing high-quality vegetable seeds for over 60 years.
Al fresco cafe and the Hayrack - hot and cold drinks and snacks, traditional barbecue food, freshly ground coffee.
Snuggles makes sure she gets hay by climbing right in the hayrack.--Liz Meyer, Wisconsin
* HAYRACK: Gies built his hayrack for about $500, including a 5-by-8-foot running gear out of schedule 40 2-inch pipe and light-duty 12-inch trailer hubs and tires.
The program includes a hayrack ride, candlemaking, a homestead tour, woodworking, and school lessons.
When she graduates, she is paraded on a flower-strewn hay cart "not unlike a throne," looking like "a young Muse or Sibyl; the flowery hayrack, with its freight of blooming girlhood, might have been painted as an allegorical picture of 'The Morning of Life'" (243).
Easy to clean, it comes with a hayrack, water bowl and sun shade.
The loose box Heaney refers to is a hayrack or hay box in a barn, an object and setting that could comfortably have appeared in any poem in his first book, Death of a Naturalist.