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a stack of hay with a conical or ridged top, built up in the open air for preservation.
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Noun1.hayrick - a stack of hayhayrick - a stack of hay      
stack - an orderly pile
haycock - a small cone-shaped pile of hay that has been left in the field until it is dry enough to carry to the hayrick
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كَوْمَة تِبِن
stoh sena
stoh sena
ot/saman yığını


(hei) noun
grass, cut and dried, used as food for cattle etc.
ˌhay-ˈfever noun
an illness like a bad cold, caused by the pollen of flowers etc.
ˈhayrick (-rik) , ˈhay-stack nouns
hay built up into a large pile.
ˈhaywire adjective
in a state of disorder; crazy. Our computer has gone haywire.
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Following the tracks with his eyes, the view closed with the new hayrick in a corner.
Now, if he had gone on to the hayrick, and gone round it?
He told me stories of hayricks and thatched roofs set on fire if the balloons landed before the flame went out.