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1. Marked by danger; perilous.
2. Depending on chance; risky.

haz′ard·ous·ly adv.
haz′ard·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.hazardously - in a dangerous manner; "he came dangerously close to falling off the ledge"
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Karachi -- Khalid Arain, Chairman, Cable Operators Association of Pakistan while talking to media said that they will be developing SOPs for safe installation of TV cable across the city and admitted negligence on the part of some cable operators for hazardously encroaching electricity poles.
There are also moments it veers hazardously close to Tarang ad territory.
This could hinder the delivery of reproductive health services and supplies, hazardously affecting mothers and their children, the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) said.
One in five adults drank alcohol hazardously, ie in a way that could harm them or others, with hazardous drinking rates higher for men (27 per cent) than women (13 per cent).
The book unintentionally provides a stark warning that respect for free expression of ideas judged "dangerous" is dissipating as fast, and as hazardously, as the ozone layer was before we banned CFCs--a story they tell at length to hit home the problem of allowing non-government-sponsored scientific ideas to spread.
He said that his ministry is also working on shifting energy resources to avert environment hazardously.
The dilemma for Venezuela is whether to remain in denial, believing itself to be free but hazardously poor and vulnerable to all forms of threats to its basic needs and rights for existence, or to transform itself into an obedient servant who is well-fed and looked after by rich and willing new political masters -- for a while, of course, until all its assets are stripped.
The hazardously exotic land, that demands civilizational message and corrective agents, has been constructed with help of the discursive constructions.
"It is also necessary that things are not done hazardously and these will not misbalance the nature in the name of tourism development," observed the committee in its report tabled in the Rajya Sabha.
It came as one Welsh town was described as an island yesterday after residents awoke to find streets flooded and the River Usk flowing hazardously high.
And one Welsh town has been described as an island after residents woke up on Saturday to find streets flooded and its river levels hazardously high.
Mayor Josefino Miranda said roofs of some houses were blown away and scattered hazardously on the Zigzag Road.

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