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1. Marked by danger; perilous.
2. Depending on chance; risky.

haz′ard·ous·ly adv.
haz′ard·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.hazardously - in a dangerous manner; "he came dangerously close to falling off the ledge"
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This operation is in direct response to members of the public who are fed up with selfish drivers, those who want to save time or money and park hazardously, and have contacted their local authority or police team.
27] Since a very large proportion of alcohol consumed in SA is consumed hazardously, with associated detrimental consequences, the alcohol industry's statements sound hollow, since they depend on these drinkers for profits.
All junior schools in New Delhi were closed on Wednesday and health warnings were issued for the sick and elderly as pollution remained at hazardously high levels for a second day.
More hazardously, we may glean possible information from reading Richard Brome's The Court Beggar (ca 1640-1).
So in a sector where 'hot product cooling' has been all too frequently and hazardously dealt with for many years in whatever nearby space was available, even adjacent corridors, here is a system that appears to offer genuine financial, legal and practical solutions.
Second of all, because even little overdoses of lithium could generate hazardously toxic blood degrees, people who are thought to go to a high danger of committing self-destruction are mostly not prescribed it.
Tenders are invited for Providing UG cable at Railway crossing near Arab Mohalla for route diversion of 11KV RCR-2 and RCR-5 feeder passing over existing Domestic installations hazardously in Arab Mohalla area in O&M Section SO-3 limits of USD-2 Raichur, Urban Division Raichur.
Static and essentialised concepts such as peasant, chaona, the village, chaoban, and community culture not only inadequately describe the current blending of rural and urban life, but can hazardously cultivate extant urban-rural dichotomies and stereotypes.
At first treated casually, the boat's engine gave out, and the Frank E "was tossed hazardously in the mad surf.
During low tide phases, water can become hazardously shallow and almost impossible to navigate.
My experiences during the fieldwork can partly be understood in terms of Coole and Frost's (2010: 10) argument that in the "new materialities" we find cosmic forces assembling and disintegrating to forge more or less enduring patterns that may exhibit internally coherent, efficacious organisation, objects forming and emerging within relational fields, and subjectivities being constituted, open series of capabilities or potencies that emerge hazardously and ambiguously within a multitude of organic and social processes.
Do university students drink more hazardously than their non-student peers?

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