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adj. haz·i·er, haz·i·est
1. Marked by the presence of haze; misty: hazy sunshine.
2. Unclear, confused, or uncertain: I have only a hazy notion of what she wants. I'm a bit hazy on the new budget.

[Origin unknown.]

haz′i·ly adv.
haz′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.hazily - through a haze; "we saw the distant hills hazily"
2.hazily - in an indistinct way; "he remembered her only hazily"


[ˈheɪzɪlɪ] ADV [remember] → vagamente; [think] → de manera confusa


the island/hills loomed hazily through the mistdie Insel zeichnete/die Berge zeichneten sich verschwommen im Dunst ab
(= vaguely) remember, sayvage
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The gulf looked far away, melting hazily into the blue of the horizon.
I can only hint of those vast and terrific vistas through which I have peered hazily at the progression of life, not upward from the ape to man, but upward from the worm.
he thought, somewhat hazily confusing the scene of his projected honey-moon with the masterpieces of literature which it would be his manly privilege to reveal to his bride.
I remembered hazily the physics of my school days, while the last few months had given me practical experience with mechanical purchases.
Northward were Kilburn and Hampsted, blue and crowded with houses; westward the great city was dimmed; and southward, beyond the Martians, the green waves of Regent's Park, the Langham Hotel, the dome of the Albert Hall, the Imperial Institute, and the giant mansions of the Brompton Road came out clear and little in the sunrise, the jagged ruins of Westminster rising hazily beyond.
He knew, without thinking about it, that the Arangi had been boarded by the hazily sensed supreme disaster of life that all life intuitively apprehends and that only man knows and calls by the name of "death.
He scratched the rook, he walked to the window; he parted the curtains, and looked down upon the city which lay, hazily luminous, beneath him.
He thought hazily of ghosts; and was surprised how swiftly he could see the image of an appropriate and local ghost, one with a face as white as Pierrot's, but patched with black.
He liked him--not so much perhaps as a man likes his favourite dog--but still he liked him well enough to help and ask no questions, to think sometimes vaguely and hazily in the midst of his own pursuits, about the lonely man and the long-haired woman with audacious face and triumphant eyes, who lived together hidden by the forests--alone and feared.
They wore un-English leggings and curious girt-in belts that reminded him hazily of the pictures in a book in St Xavier's library "The Adventures of a Young Naturalist in Mexico" was its name.
She hazily remembers the plane flying her exclusive school's fencing squad to Japan crashing, but has no idea when or where this occurred.
Such moral expediency in pursuit of hazily defined and short-term goals is a recipe for brutal anarchy.