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adj. haz·i·er, haz·i·est
1. Marked by the presence of haze; misty: hazy sunshine.
2. Unclear, confused, or uncertain: I have only a hazy notion of what she wants. I'm a bit hazy on the new budget.

[Origin unknown.]

haz′i·ly adv.
haz′i·ness n.
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Noun1.haziness - vagueness attributable to being not clearly defined
vagueness - unclearness by virtue of being poorly expressed or not coherent in meaning; "the Conservative manifesto is a model of vagueness"; "these terms were used with a vagueness that suggested little or no thought about what each might convey"
2.haziness - cloudiness resulting from haze or mist or vaporhaziness - cloudiness resulting from haze or mist or vapor
murkiness, cloudiness, muddiness - the quality of being cloudy
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غُموض، ضَبابِيَّه
móîa; óskÿrleiki


[ˈheɪzɪnɪs] N
1. [of view, horizon, sky] → nebulosidad f
the haziness of the morning gave the landscape a mysterious air (due to mist) → la bruma or neblina de la mañana daba al paisaje un aire de misterio; (due to heat) → la calina de la mañana daba al paisaje un aire de misterio
2. (fig) (= vagueness) → confusión f, vaguedad f
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(of sunshine)Trübheit f; (of view, outline, vision, surroundings)Verschwommenheit f; due to the haziness of the weatherwegen des dunstigen or diesigen Wetters
(of ideas, memory, details)Unklarheit f, → Vagheit f
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(heiz) noun
a thin mist. The mountains were dim through the haze.
ˈhazy adjective
1. misty. a hazy view of the mountains.
2. not clear or certain. a hazy idea; I'm a bit hazy about what happened.
ˈhaziness noun
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Experience has suggested the brief introductory statement of main literary principles, too often taken for granted by teachers, with much resulting haziness in the student's mind.
Even as he did so he thought he perceived a certain haziness of eye and speech in his trustee; but he was too hopeful to be stayed, silenced the voice of warning in his bosom, and with one and the same gesture committed the money to the clerk, and himself into the hands of destiny.
Even the heavens seemed to share in the dried appearance of the earth, for the sun was concealed by a haziness in the atmosphere, which looked like a thin smoke without a particle of moisture, if such a thing were possible.
The company adds that faster molding of thicker containers is attractive for premium heavyweight cosmetics containers using standard PET grades while exhibiting no haziness.
March 7, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - Uncertainties about the survival of the regime of President Omer al-Bashir and his political haziness are behind the lack of financial support from the wealthy Gulf states.
WHILE haziness may persist the deep clouds are said to be lifting, clearing the horizon for a robust regional trade.
Incoming data should help clear the haziness and enable better assessment of the inflation outlook, especially regarding the permanence of the current softness in inflation prints.
For Baraka Lakoria, despite seeking learning with diligence, every morning brought misery due to the unending haziness in his eyes.
Meszaros said the water has an elevated level of turbidity, or its degree of haziness. He said it is at a level never experienced before in the utility's history.
Dust, dirt, and unforgiving heat create a film of haziness and induce a dreamlike state.
If so, that may be the key to untying Pakistan's knots in its struggle with militancy," he says, adding, "Saudi ambiguity is matched by a similar Chinese haziness in its attitude toward Pakistani militants."