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haze 1

a. Atmospheric moisture, dust, smoke, and vapor that diminishes visibility.
b. A partially opaque covering: Let the polish dry to a haze before buffing it.
2. A vague or confused state of mind.
intr.v. hazed, haz·ing, haz·es
To become misty or hazy; blur.

[Probably back-formation from hazy.]

haze 2

tr.v. hazed, haz·ing, haz·es
1. To persecute or harass with meaningless, difficult, or humiliating tasks.
2. To initiate, as into a college fraternity, by exacting humiliating performances from or playing rough practical jokes upon.

[Perhaps from obsolete haze, to frighten, from obsolete French haser, to annoy, from Old French.]

haz′er n.
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(Education) chiefly US and Canadian the bullying of a student in school
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grov mobning
şaka olarak uygunsuz işler yaptırma


[ˈheɪzɪŋ] N (US) → novatadas fpl SORORITY/FRATERNITY
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(heiz) verb
(American) to play tricks on new college students, army recruits etc or make them perform humiliating tasks.
hazing noun
the initiaition of newcomers. The army now forbids the hazing of new recruits.
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Responses to hazing range from feeling hurt, embarrassed, frustrated, and outraged to hiding distress, pretending not to notice, and thinking the whole thing funny.
Lacson said the controversy, which reportedly involved cadets forcing freshmen to perform oral sex as a form of punishment, is considered hazing under the law.
"Heads must roll at the PNPA for the despicable sexual hazing incident involving three PNPA cadets and two plebes.
The death of the University of Santo Tomas freshman law student in September 2017 has sparked rage and public clamor for justice against victims of hazing in the past years.
Several men who wre a part of an unrecognized fraternity at the College at Brockport in Brockport, New York, came under fire Thursday for allegedly tormenting a rat in a hazing activity, local police said.
New Delhi: For ages, hazing has been debated and discussed in India but the hidden psychological mysteries associated with the menace have always been ignored.
But the conviction of John Paul Solano yesterday for obstruction of justice in the fatal hazing of Horacio "Atio" Castillo III shows that the case is moving forward faster than the usual pace of Philippine justice.
A Pennsylvania judge on Tuesday sentenced three former Penn State University fraternity members to jail for the 2017 hazing death of 19-year-old pledge Timothy Piazza.
The $14 million legal settlement awarded to the family of a Palatine teen who died after an alcohol-fueled hazing at a Northern Illinois University fraternity was meant to send a message.
The PNPA dismissed three cadets from the academy after asking their two underclassmen to perform oral sex on them as a form of hazing.