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I had, as is observed in the third year of my being here, kept a young kid, and bred her up tame, and I was in hopes of getting a he-goat; but I could not by any means bring it to pass, till my kid grew an old goat; and as I could never find in my heart to kill her, she died at last of mere age.
However, I altered my traps; and not to trouble you with particulars, going one morning to see my traps, I found in one of them a large old he-goat; and in one of the others three kids, a male and two females.
As soon as he entered, a He-Goat left in the cave sharply attacked him with his horns.
Meanwhile he drove all the ewes inside, as well as the she-goats that he was going to milk, leaving the males, both rams and he-goats, outside in the yards.
He explained that 'Under the Small Ruminants intervention, each head of Forty (40) households are given four female sheep and one male sheep or four she-goats and one he-goat, inline with beneficiaries interests of breeding.'
"Something must be wrong with a he-goat that pursues another he-goat," she concluded.
FAISALABAD -- Mastana, a he-goat owned by Gujranwala-based citizen Bao Farrukh, here Friday won the animal beauty contest, with a weight of 300 kilograms.
Following the tradition, a he-buffalo and a he-goat were sacrificed at the Kirtimukha Bhairav and Jaya Bageshwori Temple.
HAVERFORDWEST The name of this ancient market town means 'ford used by heifers' from the Old English haefar (heifer) meaning buck or he-goat and referred to the fact the town was the safest place to bring animals across the Western Cleddau.
A small he-goat now costs Dh450 against Dh400 last year while a male sheep that cost Dh450 in 2013 is priced at Dh500 this year."
Before slaughtering a he-goat, certificate about the health condition of the said he-goat must be obtained from the Public Health Inspector;