head count

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head count

or head·count (hĕd′kount′)
1. The act of counting people in a particular group.
2. The number of people counted in this way.
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head count



1. a check of the number of people present
2. (Commerce) commerce the number of people employed by a company or organization
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head′ count`

or head′count`,

an inventory of people in a group taken by counting individuals: a head count of senators opposing the bill.
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Noun1.head count - number of people in a particular group
count - the total number counted; "a blood count"
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In any event, the head count, not money, is what's often really at legal issue.
The bureau may experiment with the use of statistical sampling to supplement a traditional head count (SN: 10/11/97, p.
The tax abatement was $70 million for a plant originally projected to employ 6,000; the actual head count stopped at 1,500 and the plant closed a few years after opening.
That count turned out to be considerably lower than the number of people in the county who, in a telephone poll taken about the same time as the head count, said they had attended church.
"Our philosophy has always been to keep head count to a bare minimum, using overtime when required to get the job done," Dziedzic said.
"For example, one less student in a Business and Industry course equals one less in total head count, but just 0.5 to 1.0 less in credit hours, while one less student in a Career Education course equals one less in total head count, but might also equal 12.0 less in credit hours."
minutes, the head count was made again but less than 25 percent lawmakers were present.A member of Panel of Chairperson adjourned the session to meet again at 1600 hours on Monday.
The biggest fall in head count was in the firm's management and administration team, which saw its numbers drop from 60 to 25.
However, the house was found complete after head count.
ONE hundred years of the glorious dead With many things, that must be said In foreign lands they fought and died Young, and old men, side by side In battlefields, unfit for man It's top brass with their battle plan "Come on me lads" it won't take long But history says how they were wrong With thousands dying day on day The head count never goes away So rest in peace you glorious dead For us you died, for us you bled With passing time things fade away But we'll never forget Come Remembrance Day by Bill Collins, Bromborough
Rex Mata, 26, who is facing charges for possession of illegal drugs and robbery, was discovered missing after yesterday morning's routine head count.
A spokesman said: "We believe that taking account of 950 reductions announced in early 2012, the remaining decrease in head count should be met through natural attrition over the remaining course of the strategic plan.