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Noun1.head covering - a garment that covers the head and facehead covering - a garment that covers the head and face
chadar, chaddar, chador, chuddar - a cloth used as a head covering (and veil and shawl) by Muslim and Hindu women
face veil - a piece of more-or-less transparent material that covers the face
garment - an article of clothing; "garments of the finest silk"
yashmac, yashmak - the face veil worn by Muslim women
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Each man wore beneath his cap a little head covering of burnished steel set with rivets of gold, and underneath his jerkin a coat of linked mail, as fine as carded wool, yet so tough that no arrow could pierce it.
Carr and his daughters, simultaneously removed their various and remarkable head coverings, and waited until Fairfax advanced and severally presented them.
Some in the west consider the modesty of head covering practised by Muslim women as the greatest symbol of women's oppression and servitude.
8 percent) of Iranians, both male and female, opposed making head covering mandatory.
uk "The head covering on the women is a shawl, which would rest on their shoulders indoors and be pulled up over the head outside - making it practical as well as warm.
Women in Iran are required to wear a head covering and long jacket in public, including sports events.
Since the Santa Hat Pikachu that appeared in-game during the holiday season proved to be successful, the marketing firm now wants to mimic that success by accessorizing Pikachu with a new head covering.
Over the eras, head covering has been adopted by many Muslim women as a sign of their Muslim identity, a symbol of modesty, or as a statement of personal style, which, just as in days of yore, is associated with feminine mystic.
Non-Muslim professionals also defended the use of hijab, especially after Anak-Mindanao Party-list Representative Sitti Djalia Hataman, wife of ARMM Governor Mujiv Hataman, recounted how she was discriminated in some occasions for donning the head covering.
In the original survey, respondents were asked to choose from six head shots, which showed women wearing, varied versions of headscarves and one image showed a woman without any head covering.
Of the Turkish respondents, 46 percent preferred the head covering that is worn by the wives of top politicians today.
The pious Egyptian star decided to retire from the acting world earlier this year, took up wearing the Islamic head covering and was apparently set to marry a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.