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Noun1.head nurse - the person in charge of nursing in a medical institution
nurse - one skilled in caring for young children or the sick (usually under the supervision of a physician)
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In his infancy he had been placed in the charge of one of the great ladies of the Court, who, according to the prevailing custom, acted first as his head nurse and then as his governess.
The head nurse was reported missing on May 8 after being last seen at the Serdang Hospital parking lot at 4pm on the same day.
Previously, the promotion criteria from the post of Staff Nurse (BS-16) to Head Nurse (BS-17) in the CDA Service Regulations 1992 was five years service as Staff Nurse; diploma in General Nursing; diploma in Midwifery and diploma in Administration and Teaching.
PDSA head nurse Steph Williams with Jill Atkinson and Bobby
The incident was reported from the Government Taluk Hospital at Pambady in Kottayam district, where a doctor on duty allegedly directed the head nurse to "follow like a dog".
According to nurses the Head Nurse has slapped a nurse, Shama Abbas which was resented by the nurses.
As head nurse, she inspired me by her professionalism, her availability and her approach with patients and their families.
If hired, applicants will get the following monthly salary range: head nurse position will get a salary range of 6,145 to 6,820 Saudi Riyal (SR); charge nurses will receive a salary range of SR 5.155 to SR 5,720; and staff nurse will be entitled to a SR 3,625 to SR 5,174.
In 1937, aged 33, Morris volunteered to serve in Spain with Sir George Young's University Ambulance Unit, and worked at an International Brigades base hospital and as head nurse to a renowned Catalan surgeon.
Samantha Adams, head nurse at the centre, said: "There are two parts to what we do at the clinic.
Head features at least 6 months of work experience in managerial jobs at this location and the characteristics of the nursing staff at least 6 months experience in the sector of employment; the ability to comment on the questionnaire applied to have their head nurse leadership style.
Liverpool Community Health head nurse, Diane Singleton, said that the winter months were especially important.