head of household

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Noun1.head of household - the head of a household or family or tribe
chief, top dog, head - a person who is in charge; "the head of the whole operation"
materfamilias, matriarch - a female head of a family or tribe
paterfamilias, patriarch - the male head of family or tribe
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If each head of household expenditure had been mentioned to him beforehand, he would have probably observed that "it could hardly come to much," and if any one had suggested a saving on a particular article-- for example, the substitution of cheap fish for dear-- it would have appeared to him simply a penny-wise, mean notion.
You'll also find booklets containing returns, related forms and instructions; a listing of publications providing more detailed information on specific topics, such as head of household and tax credits; as well as links to federal tax forms, tax forms for other states, sales and use tax information, employee withholding information and estate tax information.
E-filing has resulted in Head of Household information being required for electronically filed returns.
The advantages to filing as head of household are lower tax rates and a higher standard deduction than the single filing status.
Head of household status is more favorable than a single filer, and filing status is one thing the state of California tends to pay attention to, she said.
From the outside, they are a family with everything, but what they are missing is joy and the freedom to express themselves without reprisals from the dominating head of household.
For some families Entzminger's entry consists merely of the name of the head of household and the name of the spouse with approximate birth date and birth state.
The author's family had many struggles resulting from the death of the head of household, Jim Crow segregation and economic difficulties.
She has three children and is eligible to file as a head of household.
In addition, a college-educated male head of household scored 154 while a male head of household without a high school degree scored 36.
The study finds that the birth-order of the child has a significant association with schooling and labour decision of child: first school enrolment of children is delayed; there exists gender disparity in favour of male children; the children from female-headed households are more likely to go to school; the education of the head of household has a positive impact on child's schooling; among the parent's parameters mother's education is more important than father's; parental education is positively associated with child schooling and negatively associated with child labour.