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Noun1.head of household - the head of a household or family or tribe
chief, top dog, head - a person who is in charge; "the head of the whole operation"
materfamilias, matriarch - a female head of a family or tribe
paterfamilias, patriarch - the male head of family or tribe
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If each head of household expenditure had been mentioned to him beforehand, he would have probably observed that "it could hardly come to much," and if any one had suggested a saving on a particular article-- for example, the substitution of cheap fish for dear-- it would have appeared to him simply a penny-wise, mean notion.
We will use regression analysis of household income and its components based on head of household demographic information to further examine the income determination process.
Personal Exemptions: The personal exemption amount for single, separate and head of household taxpayers increased from $102 to $104 for the 2012 tax year.
However, unmarried taxpayers who have a dependent should check to see if they qualify for the Head of Household filing status, as that will provide more tax benefits.
Even where women assume total economic responsibility, or when men are absent for long periods of time, the man continues to be considered the head of household.
Publication 1540, "CA Head of Household Filing Status," in English and Spanish.
Because the IRS determines marital status based on the last day of the tax year, taxpayers who are separated or in the process of getting divorced may be able to file as Head of Household even if the divorce is not yet final as of midnight on December 31.
The company conflated its promises of social mobility and middle-class respectability with the ideal of the responsible father, husband, and head of household.
2010 TAX DATA SCHEDULE 2010 2010 Federal California Standard Deductions Single $5,700 $3,670 Married Filing Jointly, Surviving Spouse 11,400 7,340 Married Filing Separately 5,700 3,670 Head of Household 8,400 7,340 Additional for Age 65 and Older or Blind 1,100 Married Additional for Age 6.
com/2009/04/02/the-so-called-gay-tax-paid-on-inh eritance/ -- Head of Household Filing Status: http://www.
If a married taxpayer who files as a head of household itemizes deductions, may the taxpayer's spouse claim the full standard deduction for married taxpayers filing separately?
If a taxpayer qualifies as a head of household under either of the first two categories, there is no problem.