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a musician who performs hard rock; a fan of hard rock music


n. Slang
A fan of heavy metal music: "an arena full of headbangers holding their lighters aloft" (Christopher John Farley).


(ˈmɛt lˌhɛd)
Slang. a fan of heavy metal music.
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From Michelle's welcoming expression, she looks like she's got half a mind to perform the headbanger move on Andrea right there in the pub.
Faye Tozer added: 'We have to be really careful with our necks because there are lots of headbanger movements.
Winning the show last year, he is the only male celebrity to have performed the terrifying headbanger.
The TV presenter is reportedly set to perform a more dangerous version of the infamous headbanger.
PERFECTED the headbanger and performed with real flair.
Songs of note are Biscuit, Waiting to Waste and the headbanger that is Who's to Blame.
And identification with the headbanger peer crowd further reinforces illicit drug use, but not problem drinking.
The dictionary, which gets a blockbuster update every 10 years, has officially etched some 10,000 new words into its pages this time around--gems like dot-comer, headbanger (rock musician); dead president (dollar bill), and mockumenatary.
But ever since the Bay Area band fooled with the formula shortly after scoring such radio and MTV hits as "We Care a Lot" and "Epic," these originators have been artistically and commercially eclipsed by imitators in America, where the likes of Rage Against the Machine, 311, and Korn have overtaken the headbanger market.
Even a headbanger like Nigel Farage could make a better fist of rousing a Yes vote in a referendum which the Tory leader never wanted, probably regrets calling, and now risks losing.
There was also impressive whirlwind roller skating which was like dancing on ice but on skates on a small table and included headbanger style aerial twists while in full spin.