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a musician who performs hard rock; a fan of hard rock music


n. Slang
A fan of heavy metal music: "an arena full of headbangers holding their lighters aloft" (Christopher John Farley).


(ˈmɛt lˌhɛd)
Slang. a fan of heavy metal music.
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In this mission, Klonetics has partnered with the prolific cannabis breeders Brothers Grimm Seeds, Karma Genetics and Sonic Seeds, the breeders of popular strains like Cinderella99, Headbanger, and UK Pineapple, to create genetics that boast stronger "immune systems" and customizable cannabinoid content.
Howlin fears 'headbanger' MEPs election LABOUR leader Brendan Howlin warned Strasbourg could end up with a load of "headbanger" MEPs if Britain is holds Euro elections.
Headbanger Tory Brextremists grasping for excuses to slither back to the Prime Minister are combining with Labour collaborators terrified of right-wing mobs to twitch the corpse of a badly flawed draft which, in any other decade, would have been permanently terminated by January's historic 230-vote demolition inA- Parliament.
MPs have become so enraged some are starting to behave like the kind of headbanger who paddles in the dirtiest social media puddles.
From Michelle's welcoming expression, she looks like she's got half a mind to perform the headbanger move on Andrea right there in the pub.
Winning the show last year, he is the only male celebrity to have performed the terrifying headbanger.
Laura Hamilton won over the judges with the infamous headbanger and was the first celeb to do it the dangerous way like the professionals by starting standing up, while Sam Attwater impressed with his solo routine.
Put this one down next to "Metallica: Some Kind of Monster" and "Metal: A Headbanger's Journey" as a rock doc with appeal way beyond its notional audience.
PERFECTED the headbanger and performed with real flair.
Songs of note are Biscuit, Waiting to Waste and the headbanger that is Who's to Blame.
I was watching Headbanger's Ball last night, and all the music pretty much sounds the same.
He's an absolute headbanger' he smashed his head on the stall and needed 14 stitches last year.