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Noun1.headmastership - the position of headmaster
headship - the position of headmaster or headmistress
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He accepted the headmastership of Hale School, a private school in Perth where he had been a pupil.
As Skidelsky (1992: 272) pointed out (citing Hicks's obituary of Robertson), Robertson's father had just resigned his headmastership at Haylesbury 'under somewhat of a cloud'.
In September 1862, Haileybury opened its gates once again, this time as a public school, under the headmastership of the Reverend A G Butler.
They would take up a topic like, maybe, guidance practices, or the principalship, or the headmastership.
Following the enormous success of Tom Brown's School Days (1857), by Thomas Hughes--a romanticized depiction of one boy's adventures at Rugby during the headmastership of Dr.
He had taken the headmastership of the privately funded Elgin Educational Institute, Ltd.