The chief woman especially of a tribal or traditional village.
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IN A horrific incident that came to light, a village headwoman ( sarpanch) mercilessly thrashed three Dalits, including a woman in Dhurkot village and her son recorded the entire episode and made the clip viral.
"From now on, all those caught drinking in the village will have to cough up a fine of Rs2,500," said Asha Chaudhary, the local village headwoman who chaired the meeting.
(9) However, at least one headwoman governed an area in Makoni reserve until the 1950s without the knowledge of the European administration.
Some rather ostentatiously loosed their clubs, which they generally used only to defend the goats from predators, but they relaxed quickly enough when Zanja gav e proper greetings to the headwoman. 50 The Godmother's Apprentice, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough (1995):
WHEN SAW LER MOO AND HIS WIFE returned from tending their betel palms, Little Dog yipping stupidly at their heels, the village headwoman was waiting to tell them the order.
(33) The village headwoman of Baan Khokmayom reported that before the Park began operating, the price of land in her village was around 3,000-4,000 baht per rai.
--Rukmini Koli, former samvad sahayah and former headwoman of Rajuri in Osmanabad
(76) `Petition from Ataa Baasi, Headwoman of the Baasi-women or Community in Kumasi, for herself and about 30 other women company', Kumasi, 1943: NAG (Kumasi), item 2,339.
They were village headwoman Tawakili of Chikowi, village headman Disi of Kuntumanji and group village headman KuNamondwe.
The 50- yearold tribal woman has been diligently attending classes since her unanimous election as the headwoman of Pantalai.