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Mental activity or work; thought.

head′work′er n.


1. mental work
2. (Architecture) the ornamentation of the keystone of an arch
ˈheadˌworker n



mental labor; thought.
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Specific types of abusers have been labelled, such as the Headworker, who uses psychological ploys, and the Persuader, who uses threats and coercion.
Ethel Feineman, "Emanu-El Sisterhood Annual Report of Headworker," Apr.
Hamilton, the headworker of the University Settlement Society declared:
A native of Philadelphia and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Bernheimer came to HES from the University Settlement in New York, where he had been assistant headworker.
He's just another jammy headworker, going a bit more loudly than the thousands who scuttle off to gold-plated pensions, while you face the prospect of working your goolies off until you're 70.