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n.1.A heddle.
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The attacked premises was an address in Healds Road, which is close to Dewsbury and District Hospital.
Healds Road in Dewsbury where the robbery took place
The same shaft geometries as in other NF products means that the standard NF healds can be used effectively.
With patterning possibilities using up to 384 hooks and an additional eight electronically controlled, reinforced heald shafts.
Through sponsorship and events including a head shave and abseil the Healds, from Llaingoch, have garnered thousands for the charity since Jack was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia 11 months ago.
Healds Hall Hotel at Liversedge and Berties@La Cachette in Elland are among the five finalists in the category for wedding venue at the awards, which take place on Tuesday, May 19, at Sheffield City Hall.
Staubli DELTA automatic drawing-in machines are well known and they draw in warp threads directly from the warp beam, up to 4 metres wide, in healds, drop wires and the reed in one operation and at speeds up to 140 draws per minute.
But we fancied a treat, so good old Google it was, and Healds Hall Hotel Restaurant at Liversedge ticked all the boxes.
Two years ago, he got a call from John and James Heald, identical twins and funeral directors he had known for 15 years.