hearing disorder

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Noun1.hearing disorder - impairment of the sense of hearing
disability, disablement, handicap, impairment - the condition of being unable to perform as a consequence of physical or mental unfitness; "reading disability"; "hearing impairment"
deafness, hearing loss - partial or complete loss of hearing
conduction deafness, conductive hearing loss, middle-ear deafness - hearing loss due to problems with the bones of the middle ear
auditory hyperesthesia, hyperacusia, hyperacusis - abnormal acuteness of hearing due to increased irritability of the sensory neural mechanism; characterized by intolerance for ordinary sound levels
nerve deafness, sensorineural hearing loss - hearing loss due to failure of the auditory nerve
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A 58-year-old man was referred to our clinic for a right ear discharge and hearing disorder he had experienced since childhood.
A PRESSURE group chaired by a Coventry woman is calling on the government for more action to help people who suffer from a distressing hearing disorder.
Locals said the quiet spoken young man with a hearing disorder had few pals and no regular girlfriend.
School of Medicine) have brought together contributions from speech and hearing disorder professionals based mostly in the US and Canada (a handful are from elsewhere, including Australia, India, South Africa, the UK).
The 59-year-old thought she had the hearing disorder tinnitus when she got a buzzing sound in her ear as she dozed off in bed.
Treatment of hearing Joss continues to pose a major challenge to the otolaryngologist, as more than 30% of adults beyond 6 5 years of age have a debilitating hearing disorder.
There were 3 cases of mild hearing disorder (26-40 dB HL, 6.
Fifteen of them are diagnosed to have hearing disorder and were advising to visit Brittany Glen Hearing exclusive channel partner of Grace Care Home Care Solution for comprehensive hearing care for the second opinion.
Pendred's syndrome, a hearing disorder is also associated with hypothyroid state.
Being showcased at the AccessAbilities Expo 2017 this week, the book titled Hawwa (Eve) Story, which is both in English and Arabic, tells the inspiring story of Hawwa Ahli, a GDRFA Dubai employee with a speech and hearing disorder.
Most of the subjects operating noise equipment and handling pesticide used individual protection device; any other significant association were found among hearing disorder self-perception, hearing loss risk factors and habits.