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Noun1.hearing officer - an official appointed by a government agency to conduct an investigation or administrative hearing so that the agency can exercise its statutory powers
functionary, official - a worker who holds or is invested with an office
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In his ruling Wednesday, 14 August at the heavily guarded NEC headquarters in Monrovia, Hearing Officer Cllr.
We agree with the Hearing Officer's determination that the complaint was timely filed based on the continuing violation doctrine.
As to a proper venue, Saltzberg, the hearing officer, wrote there is settled law that technical deviations aren't enough to strike a petition sheet.
"After considering all of the evidence and submissions of the parties, the hearing officer issued a written decision concluding that N.S.'s tenth-grade IEP 'which [did] not include [a] math goal, math objectives, or specialized instruction in math, [did] afford her access to a Free Appropriate Public Education' and that N.S.
The RMV hearing officer will consider whether public transportation is a viable option.
In the rare instances where medical staff bylaws allow for voir dire, the hearing officer appointed by the hospital ultimately makes the decision whether or not biased or conflicted panel members will be allowed to serve on the hearing panel.
The hearing officer accepted mother's reporting of the incident and K.L.'s reporting of B.L.'s statement.
This is because if Twin Rivers complied with the hearing officer's order and knowingly reimbursed Bourgoin for the cost of the medical marijuana as permitted by the MMUMA, it would engage in conduct made criminal by the CSA because Twin Rivers would be aiding and abetting Bourgoin in his purchase, possession and use of marijuana.
If your case is to be heard by a child support enforcement hearing officer, the following information applies: A child support enforcement hearing officer is an attorney who has been appointed by administrative order of the court to take testimony and recommend decisions in cases involving the establishment, enforcement, and/or modification of child support, and the enforcement of alimony in conjunction with an ongoing child support arrearage order.
When Esparagoza gave him P3,000, the hearing officer allegedly told him not to tell his wife about it.
(27) A due process complaint may lead to a due process hearing, at which an administrative due process hearing officer adjudicates the matter in a formal legal proceeding.