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Noun1.hearing officer - an official appointed by a government agency to conduct an investigation or administrative hearing so that the agency can exercise its statutory powers
functionary, official - a worker who holds or is invested with an office
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The hearing officer scheduled a two-day hearing for Jan.
11) Specifically, the hearing officer conducted a full evidentiary hearing culminating in the issuance of a recommended order to the agency either sustaining the agency's preliminary decision to award the contract or reject all bids, or granting the relief sought by the petitioner, including the potential for recommending the award of the contract to the petitioner.
In his 7-page Urgent Ex-Parte Motion, Marcos asked PET to designate at least three hearing officers who will assist the Tribunal during the preliminary conference.
When Esparagoza gave him P3,000, the hearing officer allegedly told him not to tell his wife about it.
In the comments, respondents who supported a two-tier structure indicated that one advantage of a two-tier structure was the opportunity to correct errors made at the hearing officer level quickly and inexpensively.
The hearing officer finds the district in violation of federal special education law; as a remedy, the hearing officer orders the district to pay for Tricia to go to a private special education-only day school because the district fails to show that it has programs that can meet Tricia's needs.
Abshure said he was working to find a qualified candidate to serve as the hearing officer.
Zeneski, Oxford's retired town manager, was appointed the hearing officer by Town Administrator John F.
In this case, the hearing officer found that the commissioner properly denied the plaintiff's application.
In terms of visibility, the hearing officer directly saw and heard the witnesses, whereas the court may be only reviewing the transcript.
The hearing officer currently intervenes only after the statement of objections has been sent; under the new mandate granted by the Commission president, he obtains new functions from the start of the investigation phase.