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1. Having a diminished or defective sense of hearing, but not deaf; hard of hearing.
2. Completely incapable of hearing; deaf.
n. (used with a pl. verb)
Persons who are deficient in hearing or are deaf. Used with the: The hearing-impaired are provided with special services at school.


having reduced or deficient hearing ability.
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Adj.1.hearing-impaired - having a hearing loss
deaf - lacking or deprived of the sense of hearing wholly or in part
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Summary: Children taught how to learn sign language so they can communicate with hearing-impaired
Sadath Husain Kola, Rubina Kola's husband, who is also hearing-impaired, said that subtitles are important and should be done on all movies, TV shows, videos and documentaries.
I am very happy to note that Sivantos India is coming up with BestSound Centres across the country which will add technology advancement to all the hearing-impaired people.
AN EX-TEACHER who pioneered services for hearing-impaired children in Wirral has passed away, at the age of 94.
Hyundai Motor Group has revealed a new innovative technology that assists hearing-impaired drivers by replacing sounds with visual or touch-based cues, and using advanced sensor and artificial intelligence technology to help them 'hear' the traffic around them.
The video, along with the technology itself, emphasises the value of 'freedom of mobility,' demonstrating Hyundai's efforts to enable the hearing-impaired to drive freely and safely using state-of-the-art innovative developments.
license law to facilitate hearing-impaired persons.
KARACHI -- Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has directed the Sindh Chief Secretary to develop recommendations for amending driving license law to facilitate hearing-impaired persons.
However, the chief minister said that throughout the world, countries in all major Continents issue driving license to the hearing-impaired persons.
Mr Shah said that that the issuance of driving licence to hearing-impaired persons would lead to myriad of socio-economic benefits.
They are Epilepsy, Lunacy, heart disease likely to produce sudden attack of giddiness or fainting Inability to distinguish with each eye at a distance of twenty five yards in good daylight (with the aid of glasses, if worn) a series of seven letters and figures in white on a black ground of the same size and arrangement as those of the registration mark of a motor car." The chief minister said that throughout the world, countries in all major Continents issue driving license to the hearing-impaired persons.